Cushion 50x30cm Neighbourhood Map Pillow

Cushion 50x30cm Neighbourhood Map Pillow
Neighborhood Map cushion
Available for many places on earth, this Cushion Cover is made from 100% Cotton with printed front and plain black backing with zippered base. The optional polyester insert is a standard 50x30cm item also made in Australia, or can be sourced locally from most pillow and cushion retailers. Made in Australia by Lumbi.
How to Preview Your Map:
Visit by clicking here
2. Search for your location
3. Enter street name or intersection to be positioned in the middle of the cushion/pillow and other details below.

Note:50m/300ft scaling and Transport Map is used to make your item like the sample pictured.

Map images and details are supplied under the Open Data License and courtesy of contributors. For more information visit on copyright visit this link

Code 640-0150-1
Weight 0.25 kg/cube
Price: AU$59.95
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